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Every Hero has a beginning…

As long as man has walked the Earth there has been an internal drive to evolve, a hunger for progress. From this craving the Illuminati were born. The secret society swore to protect and pursue the most impressive intellectual property of each generation, building upon it to perfect every new invention from medicines to industrialization and eventually weaponry and DNA research. 

Francis’ experimentations were the bane of his family’s existence. Out of fear of his sorcery, their village drove him out and Francis narrowly escaped to the depths of the forest where nobody would follow. In his solitude, Francis continued the research. Only his twin brother, Philip dared visit and only under the cover of darkness. 

Then Philip disappeared on the eve of his wedding. 

Blame fell to Francis and an angry mob cast aside their fear in the light of a hundred torches. What they found at the cottage became a cautionary tale for generations to come. Little remained of the cursed shack and what still stood was splintered and spattered in blood. The villagers fled in terror to mourn the loss of their beloved Philip and revile Francis for his wickedness. 

But the brothers’ tales did not end in the woods of their homeland. 

Before joining the Emerald Seer, Dorian Raven White fought another war under a different name and there was nothing heroic about him. Emerald Seer fans will love this new trilogy about Storm’s favorite vampire.


1. F@&$ genres! 

Everybody wants to know what genre I write so this has become my token response. Mind you, I clean it up for youngsters but basically I’m anti-genre. 

I write what I write and that means I tend to bridge multiple genres. Who needs another cookie-cutter, formula-driven story when the possibilities are endless? Why not push the boundaries and write something completely different? Sure you need to pick a genre when you publish but you have the ability to play around with it as much as you like. I say, take advantage of that!

2. There is no “right way.”

There just isn’t. People will always argue that their way is correct but is it really? Does it work for you? I just don’t buy it anymore. 

The publishing world has changed several times since I published my first book in 2011 and it will continue to do so. For that reason, I do things how I see fit and the readers will like it or not, but at least I am true to myself and my characters. 

3. Find the best Beta Readers you can. 

My Beta Readers are the best. They have different tastes and strengths but that makes them invaluable. Find Betas who can be brutally honest, catch your mistakes, and understand what you are trying to accomplish. I always test new Betas when I release a new book, just in case, but my core Betas are irreplaceable. Make sure your Betas are the best you can find.

4. Learn how to market yourself.
Social media is your friend. Learn it, work it, love it. It does not matter how you publish you will be expected to own social media. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are my favorites! Create a blog and make it interesting. Network and make sure you like, follow and share things that represent you, your books, and the interests of your fan base. Basically, become a social media addict or play one on the ‘net.

5. READ! 

It does not matter what. It just matters that you read anything and everything you can get your hands on. Reading makes you stronger is so many ways. It teaches you how other people see the world, shows you what to do and what not to do, introduces new ideas and principles allowing you to grow. 

Read. Read voraciously.


Ms. Patterson graduated from Miami University with a degree in psychology and minor in criminology. She spends her days like most super-heroines waiting for the clock to strike five, so she can escape into her imagination once again to pen another bestselling novel. Be sure to check out her amazing paranormal EMERALD SEER Series.

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