Thursday, October 23, 2014


In a violent and turbulent world a young woman must decide, vengeance or destiny. 

Justice Xavier has lived half of her life enslaved. Traded from owner to owner for her stubborn refusal to capitulate to her owners’ wills she has lived a life of torture all in the name of hiding her true nature. That of the Order’s hope of Bella Morte, beautiful death. She is believed it be a skilled warrior and a commander of the elements all in the name in leading them to victory over the all-powerful Eleanor of Ke’lan and returning the world to a pre-apocalyptic state where the Order can protect the world behind its shield of anonymity against the men who would see all women and children subjugated to their collective will. 

Duncan is called Legend. An enslaved gladiator who fights to survive in the arena of the Queen he is favored by her in their illicit trysts. Only this time she is calling upon him to murder Bella Morte. But he is not alone in the tunnels, in the adjacent cell is William, a gifted and trained healer, who appeals to whatever humanity that might remain in Duncan. 

And when Duncan’s connection to Bella Morte is revealed they are faced with a choice. Depend on one another or face death apart.


[And now, Ms. McCorkle cuts to the short and sweet of it with her FIVE THINGS LEARNED...]

1. That I can indeed go the distance in writing a full length novel, just barely 70K.

2. That my villains can not only be bad to the bone and love being that way, but be complicated and human at the same time.

3. That the good guys can turn out to be spineless and wishy washy even when you intended them to be strong and silent.

4. Not everybody is going to love your book the way you do.

5. And finally when you least expect you can hit #1 on the Amazon Bestseller List!


Author Bio

An award winning and bestselling author, blogger, screenwriter and filmmaker Amy McCorkle also writes under the pen name Kate Lynd. Her popular blog, bestselling memoir and soon to be in a theater near you, Letters to Daniel. Her works include The Gladiator Chronicles, Bounty Hunter, When Doves Cry, and the Aurora Black series. She loves to hear from her readers and fans at