Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why I Write Fantasy

I think what appeals to me about writing (as well as reading) Sword-n-Sorcery and High Fantasy/Heroic Fantasy is the aspect of adventuring in strange lands, fighting against strange beasties and forms of potential magic-toting adversaries, crawling across rugged unchartered terrain or underground darkened corridors chock full of the unknown...with a sword and wit.

Nothing against the modern Thrillers, the military action-adventure (which I write also) or Sci-Fi, but for the most part, even though you have a lot of the elements mentioned above even in thrillers/modern action-adventure/futurtistic fantasy tales, there is something to say about the ruggedness of a character defending him/herself and his/her world and the innocent folk against the monstrosities of the of the world with only a sword and their will to survive against all odds.

If I envision it, I can much rather imagine a hoary horde coming at our protagonist, him drawing his sword, gripping it so tight his knuckles are white, facing the gibbering monsters or human thugs, waiting to become up close and personal, where strength meets strength, steel meets steel or claw, and may the best man win. Versus a guy with some form of gun...black powder or laser pistol...in the same predicament, and just squeezing the trigger....POW POW ZAP ZAP...kills a few dozen, and then has to roll into hand-to-hand and hope for the best.

Hopefully has a sword can pull out just in time.