Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays and CHECK OUT THIS BLOG

Happy Holiday Folks!

I just posted a little ditty on my other blog featuring tales and updates on everything relating to an alternate history Grand Rapids. It has some info on current short stories available on the subject. Great action-adventure tales anyway you slice it.

Latest offering is SIGNAL IN THE DISTANCE...

“The Red Scare was reality. Small nuclear devices had cratered Michigan’s northern and southern military installations, and across Lake Michigan, the same had occurred at bases in Wisconsin. The emotional shockwave and fear created an exodus of citizens from the state, while others held out in fall-out shelters and adequately shielded structures. As dire as all appeared, unseen by human eyes, 900 feet at the ebon bottom of Lake Michigan, the earth-rending shockwave had awakened something ancient and ominous, something that cared little for the human populace other than vile sustenance and to become Mankind’s new overlord.”

--Excerpt from Sebastian Wells THE LAST HISTORIES

Siste-Dager Publications copyright 1958