Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and a Small Laundry List of Publications

Happy 2012, and on with the show.

Just to re-cap 2011 (and a bit of 2010 so as to not forget) but here are a few publications you may want to pick up if you thoroughly enjoy a good action-adventure yarn or two...
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BEDLAM U NL EAS HED BOOK ONE: INSTRUMENT OF EXTINCTION is available via a limited edition paperback and also in ebook format.

Pieced together from recovered scrolls of sagas and skaldic poetry, here begins the journeys of Norse mercen ary Alanis Johansson and berserker Erik Bedlam. In this first installment of Bedlam Unleashed, we open with Alanis and Erik fighting for the High Irish King, Brian Boru. They leave this battle at Clontarf with hopes of heading home, however the North Sea brings an ominous drakkar into their path, and Erik and Alanis soon find themselves in a scrimmage on this ship filled with the dead.

They land in Scotland, where they encounter dragons, druids, and treachery. Then, with a bounty of gold, they head south, where Alanis experiences a vision rank with specters from his haunted past.

BEDLAM UNLEASHED BOOK TWO: ETERNITY IS NEAR is also available...only in ebook format. This book continues to epic saga of brain-addled Viking berserker Erik Bedlam and his stalwart companion Alanis Johansson. Still in Scotland, they travel to Rannoch Moor, where they take food and drink in a small village, and learn of an ancient witch who has conjured old spirits to haunt the clan that inhabit the area. Men, women, and children are going missing, while a bagpipe-playing ghoul haunts the wilderness, and ghosts haunt the wastelands of the moors.

From here, they head for the coast of England, looking to obtain passage home. After a brief time at sea, they end up in Leftwich, outside a castle, where they are attacked by strange winged beasts, then charmed by the deadly Haley Wenda. Kendrick the Wizard also joins the men on their journey.

GW THOMAS'S DARK WORLDS MAGAZINE #5 features a plethora of great short stories, including a STUROQ OF DUNHUGEL tale entitled THE BLACK GRAVE OF DECEPTION. Searching for something to fill his thin coin purse, Sturoq is told about a ancient treasure in a dark and mysterious tomb. He runs into another rogue and they venture forth into the TOMB OF UNKNOWABLE SOULS. They find what they are looking for including an ancient beast of the depths who is keen on adding them to the long dead inhabitants of the dreary tomb.

(Note: this came out in 2010 but, really, it is such a great magazine of great authors and stories, I had to add it here.)

GW THOMAS'S DARK WORLDS MAGAZINE #6 (Summer 2011) is the next installment of this great magazine featuring all manner of great stories and authors. What is very cool is that DARK WORLDS was nominated for the 2011 Pulp Ark Award. It makes me feel quite honored to be part of this publication and I can't boast enough about its great content.

This issue also features a Herodutus Lucien Dark Fantasy tale entitled NON SUM QUALIS ERAM (I Am Not What I Once Was). Herodutus Lucien is an aging dark and hard-edged warlord who fights under the laws of the Old Code of his god Zoth-Khaoticas the Dark Bringer. War ravages the land and he is called out to command an armed force only to be tested by others of his own ilk...for what purpose? To see if he can survive in a world where a new code and order of the Dark Bringer is rising.

Thanks for your support and see you in 2012.