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Author Fortune Larkam: Five Things Learned Writing THE CHRONICLES OF A MODERN WITCH

CHB: I met Fortune at the Ransom Public Library 2017 Author Fair. A vibrant, friendly individual, Fortune is one of those people, one of those writers, one of those CREATIVES, you know is passionate about her work just by the way she explains her material. It was great to meet her, so without further adieu, we present Miss Fortune Larkam.

The Chronicles of a Modern Witch: Leading a Double Life
By Fortune Larkam

Taliesin "Tali" Harlin had a troubled past full of demons and darkness before she escaped from the clutches of The Society, an ancient secret organization that targets witches and wants to harness their powers for their own evil means no matter what the cost. The night before her arranged wedding, Tali escapes and is thrust into leading a double life having to shed her heritage and her identity to keep safe from The Society. Now she has more than just The Society to fear.

Taking refuge in Kalamazoo, Michigan under the identity Brooke Smith, she finds herself at odds with trying to blend into society and attempting to make friends. However, all of her troubles seem to melt away when she meets Hayden her very attractive neighbor. She feels a connection to him from the moment she sees him, but does he feel it too? And will she be able to keep her past from coming back to haunt her as she starts her new life? Enter into Tali’s world in the exciting first book of the series: The Chronicles of a Modern Witch: Leading a Double Life.


1. This is my first novel and book series. I typically lean towards poetry but I pushed myself to broaden my perspective in my writing and started this series. I actually had written a few chapters of this book a few years ago and wanted to revisit it but somehow I had lost the file on my computer! Grr. It actually ended up working in my favor though because I decided to split the book into two parts and include two points of view instead of just one.

2. The challenges of writing a series are something I'm dealing with now. I'm trying to work on book 2 and I have no shortage of ideas but it can get overwhelming trying to build on what I started in book one. What has helped me keep writing is listening to great music for inspiration and just having great friends and parents who support my endeavors. I also can text or call them and bounce ideas and see what they think.

3. I chose to have the main portion of my story focus in Kalamazoo, Michigan and have the two main characters go to Western Michigan University because it is a location near and dear to my heart. I went for my Bachelors degree in Creative Writing at WMU and the apartment complex that my characters live at is modeled after the one I lived at back then.

4. The pros of self-publishing are that I can customize my writing without an editor telling me what to do. I got to see my ideas come into focus with the great publishing team at Createspace through Amazon. My books are available in Kindle and paperback version. The cons of self-publishing is that I have to do all promotions myself and it's really hard to get my name out there when you're starting from the ground up. I made myself a Facebook page and a website to help with the promotions so that is fun to see my friends list grow. I also have gotten some reviews on that show people are out there reading my work. It's very encouraging.

5. One thing I have to say is that no matter what I'll never stop writing. Hopefully someday I'll make it into the big leagues but I'm just setting small goals for myself. I am thinking about entering some contests soon to get my name out there. I think that would be fun. I've had my poems published three times once when I was younger and then once when I went to Kellogg Community College and once at Western Michigan University. None of these were under my pen name. That didn't come until later.


Fortune is a writer, cookie-lover, gluten-intolerant, bestie to her dogs, poet, wife, and artist. "I'm me," she says. She is the personification of an honest, heart and soul binding, artist. She puts everything she has into her writing and art. It is her life, part of who she is. She currently offers a book of poetry LIFE BEYOND A LABEL, and her first novel THE CHRONICLES OF A MODERN WITCH.






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