Tuesday, September 22, 2015


featuring Deanna J Compton
Freecurrent I:  The Legacy
Within a hidden drawer in a dusty old trunk stored in the attic, seventeen year old Jesse finds her long lost grandmother's diary.  The pages reveal Gabriel's adventure from thirty years earlier as she travels through a gate to a land of magic where dragons communicate telepathically and fantastic creatures strive to restore harmony between their realms.  Gabriel is visited by a handsome young warrior who tells her she is destined to save his land from corruption.  He persuades her to set aside her life as a homemaker and travel with him through the lightning gate to Risen to become their next Master Sorceress.  Gabriel becomes deeply involved with the people and creatures of Risen as she attempts to defeat the corrupt sorcerer who plans to dominate all.  As Jesse reads about her grandmother's journey, she encounters a personal crisis of her own and must leave home with her golden retriever and elude the police as she travels to the lightning gate.  On the way she discovers that her own destiny is entwined with her grandmother's in ways that both alarm and thrill her.  "The Legacy" is the exciting beginning to the Freecurrent series.

Freecurrent II:  Descendants
In the depths of his seclusion, the corrupt sorcerer Candaz devises a strategy to help restore his lost power.  As he attempts to implement his plan, the dragons suddenly vanish from Risen and it is left up to their human friends to discover the reason for their disappearance.  In the second book of the Freecurrent series Jesse joins her grandmother in a quest to find out what fostered this terrible occurrence and to set things right.  She crosses paths with three handsome young men who will impact her life in very different ways.  With time slipping away for the dragons, the party faces a number of perils as they traverse Risen in an attempt to reach the Ancient Dragon Temple of Neeg to find answers before it is too late.
Freecurrent III:  Dynasty
After chasing Candaz through the lightning gate to Earth, Stephan and Nicholas continue to pursue the elusive sorcerer as he endeavors once again to reclaim his authority.  Jesse must return home to protect her family from Candaz's malicious plans.  The third and final book of the Freecurrent series is filled with action and an array of emotions.  Personal triumphs and tragedies are visited upon the inhabitants of Risen.  A link to the past could be the key to solving a critical personal battle for Stephan but hard choices lay in the path.  Events escalate when a last ditch effort by Candaz to rule all of Risen is challenged by Jesse and her friends as they struggle to restore peace to the realm.  Their lives and all that they love are in jeopardy and they must fight to avoid extinction.
Five things I learned writing the "Freecurrent" trilogy:
1.  Writing a novel and letting others read said novel is like standing naked in front of the world.  An author, like any other artist, opens themselves up for critical examination by not only family and friends, but total strangers.  It is exposing the soul to others as the reader inevitably becomes intimate with the writer in a symbiosis relationship.
2.  Writing is much easier than marketing.
3.  Writing is cheaper than therapy.
4.  The grammar correction on "Word" doesn't know everything.
5.  The fifth and most important thing I learned from writing "Freecurrent" is that I have a true passion for writing.  I love every aspect of the craft.  Developing characters is very personal and some of them I love deeply, which is weird because they are an extension of my identity.  I am thrilled when someone reads my work and enjoys it.  I love to get feedback from readers that they loved my story.
About the Author
Deanna Compton was born in Muskegon, Michigan where she presently lives with her husband of thirty plus years, two sons, one daughter, two dogs, a cat, and two snakes.  She lived in Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Lexington and Roscommon before moving back to Muskegon.  For the last ten years she has run a dog boarding kennel.  Being mom-taxi has recently become much more fun with the addition of her "new" shiny red 1970 Chevrolet Impala convertible.  Her passion is writing.  Fantasy is her favorite genre because the imagination is free to soar beyond the ordinary.  She likes classic hard rock, walks on the beach and dark chocolate.

Official Website:  http://freecurrent.net