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Aaron Rocheleau KAJA STAR - Five Things Learned Writing

Aaron Rocheleau discusses
five things learned writing
No Place Like Home
On the day Titus Markava plans to propose, he is horrified to discover that the love of his life is actually a shape-shifting alien man.  Before he can recover from the unfortunate news, he is quite literally thrown from Earth onto a completely different world in a completely different solar system.
It is a world where a person might conduct himself almost as well as he conducts electricity.  It is a world on the brink of an interplanetary conflict.  It is a world of dinosoids, insectavores, and even a cyborg or two.  It is a world with CNN… just not quite the same CNN we’re used to.
Yet even though it is a world where entire planets can be traversed instantly by portals called gates, Titus can’t find even one to take him back home.
1. If you have a good idea, use it sooner rather than later.  As I was writing Kaja Star I would get a great idea and write it down to use later in the story, but I get kept getting ideas faster than I was putting them into the book.  It made more sense to put say, all thirty awesome things into the book rather than use only two of them in between filler and not have room for any more.

2. Network. The old saying, ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’ is true.  I knew I needed an editor, but I didn’t know who to work with.  I asked a fellow author for some help and he recommended some awesome editors I would have never found if I hadn’t asked.

3. Marketing is hard work.  Down below you’re going to run into links for my website and social media stuff.  You’ll see that I write things, develop new illustrations, and sometimes I even interview chickens on Youtube.  The point is that all this stuff takes up time that I could be using to finish my next book.  People are fickle.  If I don’t give them something to remember me by then they’re going to go back to doing something other than getting my book to read.

4. You can’t please everybody.  You are selling a product that you want as many people to buy and enjoy as possible, but not everybody is the same.  Some people will never buy your book.  Don’t take it personally.

5. Fight choreography is fun to watch, not fun to read.  I put way too much detail into fight scenes at first.  I didn’t want them to feel anti-climactic yet when I would go back and read them later, I immediately become lost and bored.  Some things are just more exciting on the big screen.  Tightening the action description made the parts more exciting.
About the Author
Aaron Rocheleau lives in West Michigan with his family.  He writes stories, because exciting adventures are way more fun than call centers and insurance.  His stories are fast paced and fun (gotta be able to compete with those newfangled video games, and movies).  When he's not writing, he's taking swims in Lake Michigan, playing those newfangled video games, and geocaching, which is like treasure hunting, only safer. His house is perpetually surrounded by free range attack chickens that viciously consume everything in their path. Chickens are nature’s zombies.
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What people are saying about KAJA STAR
"A new, unique tale with action, comedy and drama. One could make the comparisons to Star Wars and Avatar: The Last Airbender, but this is one hundred percent unique."
"If you are a SciFi fanatic, a teenager at home with nothing to do, or even an older person at work (when on break or nothing else to do of course), I would recommend this book to you."
"...found this book very imaginative with lots of action and great descriptions of the characters and surroundings."
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