Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Future of the PR:DHF Blog

Back in the day, when I used to run HIGH FANTASY ONLINE (aka HEROIC FANTASY ONLINE in its later years), I offered up fellow writers (using fellows in a unisex) an opportunity to showcase their wares on my site. I would toss up one or two of my own tales but mainly it was about sharing the works of some awesome up-n-comers in the Sword & Sorcery & High Fantasy field and on occasion do an interview or two, and become friends with folks that share my love for the clang of steel on steel, a bit of blood spurting from severed limb, the hero hopefully succeeding, the villian hopefully getting ground under heel, etc. Anything ACTION-ADVENTURE was much so that I also launched a HIGH ADVENTURE ONLINE fiction site.

Both sites did fairly well with traffic both of reader and writer alike.

Now, as we move into the ever-increasing and popular BLOG AGE, and from getting to know folks both from ye olde social networking sites, and as I find opportunities of my own work coming to fruition, I thought: WHAT THE HEY! PERHAPS ITS TIME TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD AGAIN.

So on that note, I am hoping here, within my humble little blog, I can offer you in the near forthcoming future, some interviews and words of writing wisdom from a variety of authors within a variety of genres...though with a bit of focus on things Sword & Sorcery and most definitely anything Action-Adventure.

Stay tuned.