Sunday, April 29, 2012


BEDLAM UNLEASHED Omnibus Edition! The action-packed, blood-n-guts adventures of Viking berserker Erik Bedlam and his traveling companion Alanis Johansson is soon to be available in both ye olde wood pulp print formats and digital ebook formats this May through Belfire Press. Steven L Shrewsbury and I very much enjoyed writing this hard-hitting Epic Fantasy yarn. There is a little bit of everything in this first venture into the brain-addled world of Erik Bedlam who, because of a axe shard buried in his cranium, sees things in a little different and bizarre unnerving light. It bodes ill for enemy and ally alike, especially poor Alanis. A skilled Norse fighter, he is Bedlam's "keeper" and is seemingly destined to trudge alongside his giant companion through adventures and situations dark and dire.

The print book is $11.99 and the ebook is $2.99. Excellent prices for either format I would say. The "omnibus edition" also contains a extra Bedlam short story entitled THE LAST VIKING ABDUCTION...and it is not what you think.

Though I haven't seen the entire contents of the OMNI edition yet, supposedly all the great Bob Freeman artwork from the serialized books is within the OMNI. Very cool!

BEDLAM UNLEASHED omnibus edition - Written by Steven Shrewsbury and Peter Welmerink - Edited by Louise Bohmer and Jodi Lee - Published by Belfire Press