Monday, June 18, 2018

A Brief Q&A with the Authors of The Comic Signal's AUTHOR ALLEY Volume 1

I asked the three authors who will be attending the first AUTHOR ALLEY at THE COMIC SIGNAL, July 14th, when did they start writing and why, back then, why did they feel the need to write stories, tales, fictional wonders. Here are their answers...


My mom still remembers me telling stories about my imaginary friends before I could read. I’ve just always told stories, written stories, even game-mastered stories for role-playing games. Stories are in my blood.

But when did I get serious about it? I dabbled in my teens, got rejections, and gave up. I dabbled in my twenties, got rejections, and gave up. In my thirties, I gave up the dream, pouring myself into my programming career. But the dream wouldn’t stay down. At age 47, I tried again; and this time I didn’t let rejection stop me. I kept going.

Nine months later, I was a Finalist in Writers of the Future. Three months after that, I made my first sale.

So my advice to young writers: don’t be like me. Don’t give up.

As to why... We need to understand the universe. And some of us, if we can’t find explanations, we make them up. I love getting an idea and trying to make sense of it, to make it fit in the world — even if it’s an imaginary world.


When did I start writing fiction? Probably when I could hold a pencil and actually write words. LOL It started in grade school/elementary school for me. Don't why, just that I liked writing little adventure stories of either just me as the main character, or me with friends having some form of crazy adventure either around school or in the neighborhood I grew up within. (Grand Rapids West Side YES!)

Why did I feel the need to craft fictional tales? I'm not sure. I simply had a vivid imagination. Books and movies of the time inspired me. Heston's Planet of the Apes. Eastwood's Kelley's Heroes. I know real-life news of the day worried me and I probably wrote as a way of therapy. (I grew up during the high heat of the Cold War, massive war between USA and Russia always on my mind). I think also writing was just a natural outlet for me, to discuss life, to discuss dreams. Plus reading has always been a acceptable escape and pasttime to venture into another place, time, world, character.


Hello? Bryan? My gosh! Where'd he go?

We'll get back to Bryan after we peel him from his keyboard and all his other activities.

UPDATE 6/19/2018...found Bryan! :)

As far back as elementary school I've been dreaming up and telling stories. I started (and stopped) many stories as a high school student. I was also a gamer - pencil and paper RPG's before consoles. I never took it seriously until I wrote my first book (ironically, it was a non-fiction title about church security). At that point, I thought I'd go ahead and actually finish a story that I started. 


I wrote stories as a way to escape. i was bored with reading about other heroes, about other places, about other times. I wanted to tell my own stories. Now? Once I cracked open that floodgate, I have to let it out. I have a world in my head that needs to be explored.


Come visit Martin, Bryan and little ole me at THE COMIC SIGNAL July 14th and talk to us about why we do what we do. We'll even have evidence of our literary insanity.

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