Thursday, July 30, 2015

You're Not A Writer

Artwork by Frederic St-Arnaud (aka starno)
No one believes in you as a writer. Not until you hit it big time in the literary lottery it seems. You are just out there on your own, in your own little world, your own little insanity castle writing your fantastical shit. Most people you talk to wonder where do you pull this weirdness from, and why you feel the need to spill it all out on the blank page, perhaps pursue publication of it, maybe hope to make a little bit of a dime or two from it, maybe get a good review (justifying your insanity) or even a bad review (perhaps giving you a lessons learned on how to improve your craft).
But again, no one gives a shit that you are a writer. (Well, except possibly your other writer kin.)
But you know, I don't give a shit about those who do not see me as a writer, as a viable writer, as a bread-earner writer. If I was doing it all purely for cash and fame, I'd be saying fuck everyone and going off and living in my own little cave, by my own fucking little self, and writing and writing and writing...and probably playing Minecraft now and again.
But I don't roll that way. Being without peeps in life cuts part of your writer off from hearing stories and ideas of others who don't write like you do. You can have experiences by yourself, but a whole lot more when you drop and keep yourself SOCIAL.
But I'm not feeling so social because no one believes in me as a writer.
Unless I strike that literary pot of gold, make the NY Times Bestseller list, JJ Abrams and Michael Bay come running after me for film rights, and all that.
THEN, oh yeah ya bastards, then I'm a writer, baby.
Fuck that and fuck you naysayers.
I am a gourd-darn writer. Been doing it for years. Been doing it since I could pick up a pencil and put it to lined paper and spill my boiling brain down upon it.
I'm a work-in-process. I'm trying for bigger and better things. I'M TRYING.
This writing thing, it's always been part of me. It is part of what makes me, me, and what makes me the somewhat crazy, fun loving, fun natured, foolish and caring person I am. It has made me open my eyes to the world around me, absorb it, enjoy it. It has made me happy to be alive, to have a great wife, great kids (they actually believe in oldest likes to go out for lone bike rides with me to find out what is on my writing docket) and step outside in the morning, even when having to go to the DAY JOB.
It's a strange stress to have a writer in the family, I am sure of it. But, ya know, this is a safe pastime, somewhat inexpensive pastime (I am making money on some of this, not gobs, but have to spend some to get myself out there, to be noticed). Better than going out with the guys and getting drunk and getting into trouble.
You're not a writer.
Fuck that.
You are a writer.
You are a writer. Believe in yourself in that, and write on.
Peter Welmerink writes shit, cool shit, Viking berserker shit and Post-Apocalyptic kick ass Military shit...and also some cool action-adventure shit based in the state and area he loves: West Michigan.
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